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"Fred is very accommodating and has been friendly and reliable ever since I began buying from him nearly two years ago. I always need my wood stacked and I never have to worry about it being messy or in the wrong spot, which has happened too many times with other firewood services. I now call for deliveries even when I'm not home and know that the wood will be ready for me when I return."

Marie, Larchmont, NY


"I've been buying firewood for years and could never rely on whether it was going to burn or not. I haven't had to worry about it since I began buying from Fred over a year ago, because it's always seasoned wood. It's also a relief knowing I will always get the promised amount of wood delivered and it's always delivered promptly for the times we arrange."

Tommy, Pelham, NY


"The most reliable wood service I have ever worked with! Their delivery is quick and efficient. It also helps that their men are very nice! I will continue to use Fred's Firewood service and would highly recommend it to everyone."

Lia, Scarsdale, NY


"For the four years I have been buying Fred's Firewood I've always gotten the amount of wood I've asked for, it is always properly seasoned, and the deliveries are always friendly and personable. I cannot imagine a better firewood service, whether it be for the quality wood or pleasant employees."

Peter, New Rochelle, NY


Quality Split and Seasoned Hardwoods

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At Fred's Firewood, we only split and deliver the finest quality seasoned hardwoods. The woods that we split are:

  • Oak
  • Maple
  • Beech
  • Ash
  • Elm
  • Hickory
  • Cherry

Our wood is guaranteed to be fully seasoned and free of any softwoods such as Pine, Hemlock or Spruce. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the firewood sold?

The wood is sold in half-cords or full cords.  A half-cord is 4'x4'x4' when stacked, and consists of between 250 and 300 pieces of wood.  A full cord is 4'x4'x8' when stacked, and consists of between 500 and 600 pieces

What is the size of the wood?

Our firewood ranges from approximately 16"-24", but is generally around 18" in length.  This is the perfect length for average fireplaces or wood stoves.

How is the wood delivered?

The wood is delivered using a small dump truck and dumped in the area designated by the client.

What does "Wood Stacking" include

Stacking of your firewood includes bringing the wood to the storage area that the client designates on their property.  The wood is carted to the area, and stacked neatly in the space.  Firewood pieces are stacked in a "criss-cross" fashion at each end in order to keep the rows neat, acting like book-ends.  The area where the wood was dumped is then swept, leaving no mess behind.

Do you supply firewood racks?

Firewood racks can be assembled and delivered to your property for an additional fee.